Saturday, January 31, 2009

Hitting milestones in more ways than one.

I felt so good about myself yesterday (Saturday - which is still today to me as I have yet to go to sleep). I weighed at 239! That's the first time I have been below 240 in a really long time, and I am more than proud of myself. I've been telling pretty much everyone (well, of my friends at least). It feels so great to be on this track.

Exercise this week:
75 minutes of yoga and
45 minutes of walking.

I've been working a lot this week, so it has cut into my walking time. I did want to go to the gym to work out after work, but I've been exhausted from waking up really early and going to be really late. Tomorrow will be another one of those days, but I hope it is the last of its kind for a while.

This upcoming week, I'm hoping for rest, more walking time with friends, more yoga, and that I will be able to sign up for the belly dancing class with some of my friends! They love it, and I'm really interested. It would be really good for me. All of this would be great for me.

I've been cooking some really amazing food lately, too. Maybe that is what has helped a bit. Whatever it is, it's working!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Not in the highest of spirits, I'm afraid.

It may be coming off steroids that is making me a little down about my health tonight. I'm sure it will be alright in a matter of a day or 2, so I'm not worried about my outlook. We have our days, I guess.

This week, however, I feel that I've been extremely productive and active. It has been a busy week, but I feel accomplished. My house is dirty again, and I'm not too excited about that, but hopefully, I can fix that tonight.

I weighed just now and my new scale rang in at 248. It had said 242.5 about 2 days ago, but that's alright. I'll get there. I'm really just worried about getting back on a better eating routine since the medication and birthday parties have given me a little eddy to play in for a week. Here's hoping tomorrow will push the reset button. It's all mental.

As far as exercise goes, I have done. . .
90 minutes of walking and
30 minutes of dancing.

It's been a pretty good week as far as exercise, so I'm excited about that. I've been challenging myself to clean a lot and dance while cleaning. I'm trying to put more movement and fun into my everyday activities. It will be nice, though, when I live somewhere with a dishwasher so I can spend more time dancing in my kitchen than washing dishes!

Friend, I hope you've had a really good week!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Yay! She's back! :)

Hello, my friend - I'm glad you're back! I knew you hadn't left me.

So, my scale hasn't worked since before I left for Georgia, so I'm going to return it soon. I don't understand scales.

The past few days have probably put some weight on me seeing as my extremely high dose of Prednisone causes me to be ravenously hungry. Thank God I'm at a camp on a church getaway. I brought my own food, and it's pretty healthy considering I had to get it ready made from Whole Foods. I was running around doctors' offices and pharmacies right before I left and didn't have a chance to cook what I wanted to bring. I was kind of sad about that, actually, but oh well. What can I do about it now?

This week, as far as exercise goes, I've done. . .
45 minutes of walking and
30 minutes of hiking.

Not too bad, all things considered. It was kind of a rough week in spots, but I managed to get by and my eye is doing so much better (thank you, compounded drugs)! I'm just hoping my overeating won't continue when I get back home. I'm planning on getting a bike this week, so maybe that will do something for me. Who knows?

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Bike season approaching.

I think I'm returning my scale soon. I'm tired of it being a teenager to me.

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate myself on not gaining weight over the holidays! I believe that is the first, and I know if I lasted through this one, I'm sure to last through more. I did indulge a bit in some wine on New Year's and drunkenly ate chips and queso like I had never eaten before, but I'm not beating myself up. It was really difficult to resist the rainbow chip cupcakes my brother made for my nephew's birthday. They were impressed, though.

That's why I'm doing this. I'm doing this so my family can see that change can happen, even in the small things. I want to show my mother that she doesn't have to end up like her mother, bless her heart. She's not doing so great and it is tearing me up. Some people just never get it. But I get it. I want to show my mom that she can play with my children one day when she's 85 and not sit alone in her assisted living apartment unable to move much. That broke my heart, but I can't dwell on it.

I'm learning so much just by observing things and the strength to refuse things politely. People understand more than I had ever imagined. I'm taking mental notes of how much change I've made, and it is so nice to have friends who encourage and support me. Some of them keep me in line, so that's nice, too.

Exercise wise, I've done about
30 minutes of car dancing and
30 minutes of walking.

Chuck is moving to a house down the street (or so he thinks), and I walked to see him yesterday. It was a nice, little stroll over there and back. It's about 6 blocks, so it isn't bad at all. I hope he moves there because it will be a nice motivation to be active and see my new best friend.

I've thrown myself into cooking more lately. It feels good. It tastes REALLY good! I hope I don't get lazy, though. Laziness is the root of all evil, or at least, for me it is.

Oh, and I should be getting a bike soon! I'm excited about that.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Does running around with children count?

So far, last week, I have done. . .
30 min. of playing around with kids/dogs (if that even counts)
and about 30 min. of car dancing.

I weighed this morning and it was 243, so that's not bad. I think my scale at home weighs me less for some strange reason that I won't argue with.

It's good to be with family and friends right now.
It's not so fun to resist cupcakes on my nephew's birthday, though.
What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right?