Thursday, October 30, 2014

Tresses and Locks, Part 1

About 2 years ago, I started a journey to truly see myself by shaving my head, and dear Lord, have I really seen a lot! I had no idea what to expect, but I knew I wanted to grow with my hair, and I'm very pleased to say that my commitment has surely paid off. I started to blog this a few times, but it didn't feel right. Today is the day! Aren't you lucky?! ;) (Yes! Yes, you are!)

I've wanted to cut my hair a hundred times, especially in the hot Summer months in Central Texas, but I knew there was a purpose to waiting. See, I've never been very good at waiting. As an addict, I believe I don't really know patience in most forms because my brain had not fully developed a Be Patient & Wait switch; it eagerly created a Rush Through It & Consume switch that blinks all day long and makes all kinds of bells and whistles to alert me that it's there at all times of the day. My consumption takes on various forms whether it looks like flour and sugar products, free booze at a party, men who give me time and attention, or constant change in appearance, to name a few, although most of it is centered around and triggered by food. I just never learned how to wait for anything, really, so I figured I would start with my hair.

Knowing myself more and more as the days went by, I chose to wait until the time was right for the big step, and I chose someone very dear and close to my heart for my first cut: Barbara Morin. Barbara was the first hair and makeup artist for my former plus size fashion line, and I had an immediate fondness for her since the moment we met. She has always known exactly what my vision was and has always executed it with grace and perfection. Not only is she exquisitely talented, she is incredibly bright, super fun, wonderfully wise, and an all around amazing person. Over the years, she did hair and makeup for my models, and we took time out of our busy schedules to hang out as friends and really get to know each other. I have a deep respect for this woman and her knowledge and craft, and since she's a curly hair expert and great friend, I knew exactly who would do my first cut!

At the time, I had aspirations of growing my hair out for future ideas, so we agreed to keep some length. Throughout the whole visit, Barbara was continually educating me on optimal care for my locks, describing the wonderful Unite products she so expertly used that are sulfate-free, vegan, paraben-free, sodium chloride-free, color safe, and DEA/DMA-free (They're just FREE, ok! So freakin' free and beautiful!). They smelled like baby angel breath in a bottle, guys. And they felt amazing on my hair.

Having someone I have loved and admired for years make that first cut was an emotional experience as it signified a big step in my journey of self-love. She was there in the beginning for the first time I showed my dresses, so she was there again, and many times in between, as I transitioned into a Songstress, following the number 1 passion in my life, music. My hair was once again being guided by her loving hands. There I was, in her sweet chair at Golden Bones, laughing and reflecting and having a grand ol' time with Barbara, her co-stylist, and my hair neighbor who was hilarious and saucy. This cut was more than what may seem to some as just a haircut; it was a life-changing experience. Barbara equipped me with some great knowledge, showed me how to care for and enjoy my tresses in the best of ways - something I really did not know, and so vital for life! - and sent me on my merry way with love and excitement in my "golden bones"!

Thank you, Barbara, for being a great, shining light in my world! And thank you for sharing your gift with me and being The One for that initial cut. You are perfect, and I couldn't imagine a better person for this moment! [GO SEE BARBARA!]

You can see the Before, During, First Look, and After (I was excited, obviously.) in these Instagrammy-grams! Enjoy!

I just got another haircut yesterday and chopped all of it off! You'll have to stay tuned for that saga coming soon. I didn't want to write a novella. You're welcome!!!! :) Thanks for reading!