Sunday, January 25, 2009

Not in the highest of spirits, I'm afraid.

It may be coming off steroids that is making me a little down about my health tonight. I'm sure it will be alright in a matter of a day or 2, so I'm not worried about my outlook. We have our days, I guess.

This week, however, I feel that I've been extremely productive and active. It has been a busy week, but I feel accomplished. My house is dirty again, and I'm not too excited about that, but hopefully, I can fix that tonight.

I weighed just now and my new scale rang in at 248. It had said 242.5 about 2 days ago, but that's alright. I'll get there. I'm really just worried about getting back on a better eating routine since the medication and birthday parties have given me a little eddy to play in for a week. Here's hoping tomorrow will push the reset button. It's all mental.

As far as exercise goes, I have done. . .
90 minutes of walking and
30 minutes of dancing.

It's been a pretty good week as far as exercise, so I'm excited about that. I've been challenging myself to clean a lot and dance while cleaning. I'm trying to put more movement and fun into my everyday activities. It will be nice, though, when I live somewhere with a dishwasher so I can spend more time dancing in my kitchen than washing dishes!

Friend, I hope you've had a really good week!

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