Saturday, January 31, 2009

Hitting milestones in more ways than one.

I felt so good about myself yesterday (Saturday - which is still today to me as I have yet to go to sleep). I weighed at 239! That's the first time I have been below 240 in a really long time, and I am more than proud of myself. I've been telling pretty much everyone (well, of my friends at least). It feels so great to be on this track.

Exercise this week:
75 minutes of yoga and
45 minutes of walking.

I've been working a lot this week, so it has cut into my walking time. I did want to go to the gym to work out after work, but I've been exhausted from waking up really early and going to be really late. Tomorrow will be another one of those days, but I hope it is the last of its kind for a while.

This upcoming week, I'm hoping for rest, more walking time with friends, more yoga, and that I will be able to sign up for the belly dancing class with some of my friends! They love it, and I'm really interested. It would be really good for me. All of this would be great for me.

I've been cooking some really amazing food lately, too. Maybe that is what has helped a bit. Whatever it is, it's working!

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