Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Business time.

One thing I'm majorly considering for this journey is to write a book entitled "Death & Sugar." Sounds morbid, but it will detail "one lady's journey through diabetes and finding her way on the other side." Or something like that. Or nothing like that. Who knows?! But I like the "Death & Sugar" bit, so don't steal it. Or I'll cut you. (Not really, but pretend I'm serious because that would be a pretty bitchy thing to do.)

I took a baby vacation a few weeks ago to reset. I did yoga, meditated, read, detoxed with some raw food, slept a lot. It was a grand idea, and then I had a really rough week full of depressing situations and stupid lies I started believing about myself via business schtuff. I'm super glad that week is over because the truth is that life is gonna throw some curve balls at you, regardless of whether or not you just started eating healthy again. Ugh, right? The good news is that I got through it (thanx to friends!!!).

So here's what's up, baby bubba:

+I'm learning to trust Erin, my trainer, more and more. I really started to fight her pretty hard there for a while because a) I'm a stubborn little bitch, b) I go through bouts of denial [Read: Danger for a prediabetic!], and c) I haven't known her for that long and we aren't "like, OMG, besties." I have trust issues, ok? But I came to terms with them in time for her to really start making an impact on my life. She seriously means well and she wants to help me not have missing toes and heart attacks and really serious, life-threatening, bad stuff one day. If that's not as awesome as a "bestie," then I don't know what is! She seriously rocks - and her patience (Hi. She deals with ME, here.) - is outstanding.

+Dietlandia: I also gave in and instead of just thinking about it every year, I actually gave up sugar for Lent. Oh wait, I gave up more than just sugar. Ready? I gave up sugar AND artificial sugar, even the natural stuff. I am only allowing fruit and moderate amounts of honey. (It's ok to breathe. Are you still alive?) It's quite a shock - and actually, it's not that hard... so far. I'm learning SO MUCH about natural sugars that exist in other foods. Like milk - that junk is sweet on its own (you know, the organic kind)! I never tasted the delicious sweetness quite like I did the other night. It was quite the discovery. So, other than denying all of my sweet teeth their cravings, I'm eating healthier in general. This means lean meats, fresh veggies, fruit, and limited carbs/starches/etc. I bought myself some steak to bring all of this home. And so I would force myself to clean my grill. :D

+In addition to seeing Erin twice a week, I try to stretch/do some form of yoga every morning and go for a walk on the days I don't see her. It is currently SXSW, so that makes getting a good walk in pretty easy, but the real test will be when it's all over. I had some really bad back problems happen (and re-occurred yesterday), so this part is pretty serious to me, especially right now.

That's today. I've got plans for the future, too! Check 'em out:

+I'm gonna try Bikram yoga. Yep. The girl who LOVES things to be sweet has given up sweetness, so now that same girl who HATES to be hot is going to subject herself to hot yoga. I might have to give myself a pep talk every day as I walk through the door, but I want to do the 30 for $30 thing at Sunstone at the Triangle. And then... I wanna try a 60 day challenge. (Who AM I?!) Chock all of this up to my girl, Marsha, at http://breathingalwaysnormal.com/ for educating me and giving me tons of wisdom, guidance, and support. That girl is such an inspiration!

+I haven't given up on my bike. (I have one again after the other one got stolen this summer... and I'm still bitter about that. But whatever, moving on. :{) I will try it again, but I think I'll need the Bikram to get myself in a little more shape. My back has to be a ton better before I try the bike for serious. Here's hoping!

+Prayer is pretty important to me, so I've tried to incorporate this into my daily life, especially when all of this becomes challenging. I'm finding so many ways to remind myself just how fortunate I am to be here, alive, and pretty well, for the most part. I have such an incredible support system with the friends and family who surround me. They know I can reach wellness one day. I just have to keep reminding myself. And being thankful. The Lord is good - and good things really do come to those who are patient. I'm working on patience and diligence, 2 hard words to practice, but I am running after them with all I've got.