Sunday, January 3, 2010

A week later, I feel AMAZING!

I weighed at my doctor's about 2 weeks ago. It was 262. Today, I'm 253, so that's 9 lbs. lighter and I feel great already! My body doesn't ache nearly as much as it used to, and I've only lost 9 lbs. That's just crazy! But it's great. And I'll continue to do it.

I haven't done as much exercise since I've gotten back as I planned on doing, but that isn't an "I give up" thing, it's an "I'll do better" thing instead. I went bike shopping yesterday, and I may get one Monday or Tuesday, depending on a few factors, but definitely this week.

Something I found interesting yesterday was how easy it was to ride! I tried to ride the shitty bike Jason let me borrow (it's from Wal-mart and it's absolutely horrible) and I had a really tough time riding it. When I test rode some new bikes yesterday, they were SO EASY to ride! It was amazing the difference a good bike can make. I'm pretty excited about this new addition to my life. I think it will be really great for not only myself but also the environment. I live in an area that has so many wonderful things, and whenever I drive to them, it makes me feel not just lazy but very inconsiderate because I live so close yet I use my car to get there. I'm excited about the bike.

I'm excited about life. This is going to be good!

Another thing I think is really cool is that I'm trying all of these new dishes at restaurants I either have loved for a long time or have never been to before, and I gotta say, it has surely opened my eyes. I didn't realize the fish fajita at Polvo's would be THAT good, but it was incredible! I'm getting surprises every time I go out, and I definitely love surprises, especially those regarding food. (Food is just so great.) So, instead of feeling deprived, I feel adventurous, and that's something I am really having fun with.

Oh, and there's a bet going on. I had the idea to challenge my older brothers (we all love a good competition) to a weight loss competition, and I did this for 2 reasons: to help myself keep my healthy habits ongoing for more than 3 months and to have the support of someone else trying really hard with me. My brother, Chris, got his wife, Kristy, and her mom in on it, too, so now whoever wins the pot gets $800. The goal is to lose the most BMI/be the healthiest by Christmas 2010. I've already started and I'm doing really well. Chris and the gang start Monday, and I don't know when Reid starts, but what matters here is that we are doing something really great for ourselves together. Maybe one day, Owen and Evan can look back on what we've done and have a greater sense of family and what it takes to take care of ourselves while taking care of each other. In turn, hopefully, they can take notes and learn from our mistakes so they don't end up like the rest of America - fat, lazy, and full of health problems (there's more wrong with America, but I'll just touch on those things for the sake of argument).

Today sparks week 2 of my "lifestyle change," and I've gotten so much support from everyone that it is unbelievable. I've come to find that the people who love you want to see you succeed and they will do all they can to help you along the way. The truth is, however, that it's up to the individual to make the ultimate decision. I believe in myself and my capabilities. I've been entrusted with some really great things for my life, and I will fight to see them through - especially this part. My friend Courtney says, "2010, in for the win!" and I can't help but echo her on this voyage.

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