Friday, January 22, 2010

break ups are bad for the diet

well, my friends gave me cupcakes after my break up. i'm glad i didn't eat the whole box - instead, just a few. it's hard to reprogram your life away from stress eating and channeling it into exercise. i've realized that exercise's release of endorphins is something i look forward to in this time of need.

i've kept off 12 lbs. successfully, so i'm feeling good about that. i'm counting the small things as victories, too. i also rode my bike for 15 min. yesterday! (don't tell mom about bike!) today, i'm shooting for 30, and i don't think i'll be taking any hills... my apartment complex people may laugh at me for going around the square too many times, but at least i'm getting somewhere, right? (haha i wouldn't literally be getting anywhere, which is ironically funny.)

through all of this, i'm still proud of myself, and that is pushing me to continue doing what i've been doing. it's hard, but i knew that going into this. i just know that this will be one incredible story in the end.

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