Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Bright today, bright future.

I'm writing this from the Atlanta airport as I wait to board my flight back to Austin. My juicer is safely tucked away in my checked baggage. I've been away from Austin on a 6-day trip in Georgia with my family, and I must admit there were very tempting times that made me want to put a pause to my juice fast. As I head home, I can proudly state that I did not break my fast the entire time!

Food is more social than it is fuel for almost everyone, especially my family. I love to connect over great food with people in general, but something about a big meal really brings families together. It's been a huge part of my family interactions. We always ate dinner together at the kitchen table where we would sit, for hours sometimes, just talking and eating whatever deliciousness my mom prepared for us. I grew up with incredible food, although I was a picky eater for most of my life until I started traveling internationally at 19. We have a close family, and our parents brought us up with the notion to appreciate everything that we have - especially food. When we had family gatherings involving my mom's extended family and a few adopted family members, everyone would cook something! My uncles and brothers and their friends would barbecue, while the ladies would prepare the other stuff. If you want to see a feast, just come to my house at least once a year when the family comes to town. It's pretty amazing and delicious!

With that said, I don't recall ever pacing myself at our get-togethers. I've never known a time with the family where my stomach didn't hurt from being stuffed with slow cooked barbecue, broccoli slaw, and some form of dessert, most likely banana pudding or Ms. Donna's cake from Heaven. I always prepared ahead of time to wear my stretchy pants. This trip was different, though. I drank my fresh juice while talking to my family members. Most people understood why I am doing what I'm doing, other implored me to take a break for just one night [Read: Horrible idea.]. It's a little awkward to just not eat around my family at times, but once I explained everything, I was met with encouragement and respect. Seems as though the toughest people I know could "never do something like that." I begged to differ, but it did give me a tiny sense of pride.

I've concluded that after these 60 days are up (currently on Day 27), I will literally be able to do anything I want. I have been tested and passed with flying colors so far that I really view the next 33 days as a breeze. My body is responding very well to this process and I feel happier, lighter, and brighter than ever before, and that's just today! I'm gladly anticipating the next month or so as my body, mind, and spirit grow with the changes and excitement of learning more and more about self-healing and wellness as I stay on this magical journey.

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