Thursday, June 9, 2011

Starting over: 100 lbs. in a year!

I wrote this to my friends and family. You can read it, too! I'll update more thoughts tomorrow most likely. Happy reading!

Hi, friends and family!

First off, I love you very much! I thank God for each of you being apart of my life. I'm so glad to have the wonderful people in my life that I do. Second, I need to send you a sincere, earnest request this morning, so please take what I am about to say very seriously.

Most of you know by now that I was diagnosed with prediabetes/insulin resistance about 10 years ago or so. I've struggled with this whole idea since the moment I got the results, and I am especially struggling with it now. A few things have been brought to my attention recently, and I'm at the point where I need those who are around me to support me in my decision to lose 100 lbs. in a year. This will get me to a healthy weight that will cure my medical conditions.

This is not a joke. This is my life, and I'm choosing to fight for it and set an attainable goal for a year from now. My request to you is that you will support me in every way you possibly can, and this especially means that you please refrain from tempting me with things such as delicious cake and amazing sandwiches and incredible restaurants... Those got me to this point where I am that feels like rock bottom, even though I've been heavier in the past. For my condition, depression comes in the form of sugar more often than not, and I'm prepared to walk away from that feeling forever.

From now on, I will not be "off the wagon." I won't have times where I'm being strict and times where I'm not. If I decide to have something that perhaps I shouldn't, it will be my idea and no one else's, and trust that my ass will be working it off later. This is something that I must do for me, and I apologize in advance for missing out on your lasagnas and banana breads and all the other amazingly wonderful homemade things that I love that you all make. Unless it is sugar free, low in fat, and either gluten free or made with whole grain ingredients, I cannot partake, but please understand that I absolutely do not expect you to do that for me. I also don't expect for you to keep me accountable. I know this is my challenge and I only ask that you support me and love me along the way. I will most undoubtedly need encouragement every now and then.

This year is going to be very difficult for me, but I know that I have an incredible support system. I'd love to include you on my journey, too! If you even think of exercising and I'm around, give me a call. I want to join you. (Plus, you know I love to dance!) If you want to cook something healthy together, I'm your girl. I'll bring the healthy food to your potlucks. If you would like some suggestions to help make something you're wanting to cook a bit healthier, let me know. I'm happy to be there for you also. I'll be cooking at home a lot more now, so if you want to hang out over dinner, let's create something together instead! (That's fun, right?!) I just can't keep going down this destructive road that is literally wearing out my body, namely my pancreas and my kidneys. If you would like more information on my condition, please ask me. I'll load you down with facts for years to come! :)

My future has 2 outlooks, a very bright one and a very dark one. I'm choosing the bright future. Can I count on you to help me achieve this goal and set up the days ahead of me to be the happiest, healthiest, most positive days ever? I really, desperately hope so.

364 more days to go! It's a piece of... celery. :)



"Keep your eyes on the road and don't look over the cliff unless that's where you want to go, i.e. focus on your goal and not what happens if you don't make it." --Chris Connell


cbenavides said...

I'm so proud of you my love!! And I am 100% behind you :)

Magnu-tron said...

This is awesome. I'm trying not to go crazy gaining weight with the pregnancy, to make sure my blood sugar stays ok (and then it will be time to lose weight afterward), so I'll be right there with you eating healthy. Watch out for gluten free! Sometimes it can be deceptively high-fat and sugary to make it taste normal (although not always, of course, just check the label).

Ilene Haddad said...

Oh Anslee, I am so inspired by you. Best wishes for a wonderful adventure in the year to come. I too am struggling with my weight and look forward to hearing about your journey, while I work on mine.