Thursday, June 9, 2011

I am... Anslee.

I am... a daughter of 2 parents who have been through more than I could ever imagine, have sacrificed and still sacrifice more than I could ever know, and have loved me with more love than I could ever comprehend.

I am... a sister of 2 amazingly strong, compassionate, intelligent men who inspire me daily, love me tremendously, and support me in any way possible, who have chosen the most beautiful, loving, caring wives anyone could ever ask for, and one of whom has 2 of the most charming young men who will change the world some day. You'll see.

I am... an artist: a photographer, a writer, a painter, a designer, a singer, a dancer, a creator, an imaginator, and an actor, at times, amongst many other delightfully creative things.

I am... beautiful yet bold, sassy yet sensitive, and always on a quest for the truth.

I am... a world traveler, a collector of odd things to be used later, a wonderful companion to take anywhere, a dreamer at all times of the day and night, and a mountain climber, river rambler, lion tamer in some of those dreams.

I am... a survivor of bullying/ridicule, sexual assault, and a near suicide attempt.

I am... a seeker of the best possible world harmony that I believe can and will happen, despite all odds.

I am... a child of God and a believer in a Holy Trinity, seeing and feeling the Divine presence in every possible scenario that my heart can grasp.

I am... a lover, a fighter for love, with a strong yet also wavering belief that there is just one, and for whom I shall remain in waiting.

I am... a success story being written and a strong, fearless woman with a great, big, huge heart.

Tell me who you are. I would really like to know.

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Shrie 'n Brett Spangler said...

I am a woman trying to make her way, one small step at a time, gaining confidence with each day.

I am a wife to a wonderful husband who I was not looking for at the time. He blindsided me, and who am I to say no?

I am a work in progress, an emotional beast, a curvy lady in search of her own acceptance of her body, her mind, her aspirations.

I am a daughter to the best parents I could dream of. Parents who instilled a sense of "You can do WHATEVER you want and we'll support you no matter what" belief.

I am intelligent, scared of my own worth and very hard on myself.

I am a striver, a worker, a slacker, a lover.