Sunday, December 7, 2008

First week, not too bad!

I told all of my friends here what I'm doing and why I'm doing it, and everyone is fantastically supportive. I've been trying to spend time with people actively instead of just sitting in a cafe, doing whatever. It's been really nice.

This week I have. . .
walked for an hour with Gina,
walked for 30 minutes with Jillian and her dogs,
and I have danced for about 20 minutes with Lilia, Siobhan, and Claire.
So far, so good!

I cheated a little bit last night on SBD, but I only drank about half of the special mocha with Bailey's and Kahlua, and I only ate one slice of ESP pizza. I also had 3 glasses of wine. It was my birthday, so I'm proud of myself for not going overboard!

I weighed yesterday and I'm down to 251.9. That is so great!

The thing that I love the most is how great I feel. I'm not in a bad mood, I don't wake up feeling bad, and my energy doesn't run out very easily. The question came up last night why I'm doing this and why I'm committing, and I couldn't help but mention Sarah and how she and I have such a great friendship to help each other be active and potentially change our fates. People were most certainly excited for all of the changes I am making, the mindset I'm doing them in, and my level of commitment overall. It's difficult to work in an establishment where it is super easy to mark out a pastry and eat the whole thing before someone notices. I've been there and done that, but now I picture leg amputations and the like in order to picture that in reality, every choice I make leads to another, and I have to make the right ones. I have to do it for me right now, and continue to do it for others later. I'm excited to see what will come of this in the future. I'm sure that I will be very satisfied.

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