Sunday, February 19, 2012


Life is so much about perspective. That's something I'm learning about right now. Day 5 of the juice fast is amazingly better than the past 4 days. It keeps getting easier and easier! Hooray-ray! I'm also on Day 24 of going to the gym. Let me just tell you one thing:

I feel amazing.

I really, really do. I'm making the best decisions for myself right now and I couldn't be happier or more proud of myself for everything that I'm doing and everything that I'm NOT doing.

The juice fast has been really hard and it felt like the first few days were dragging by. Visions of steak and turkey meat would linger in my head. Sandwiches of long ago would call out to me, begging for a remembrance taste. I have wanted to eat vegetables off the floor because they looked so damn good! Yesterday, I went to a friend's housewarming party and chili cookoff. It took everything in me to avoid motorboating every pot of chili on their kitchen counter, the brownies, too! Alas, I stayed faithful to my commitment, and I was proud of myself afterward for using some hardcore self-restraint. In that, I also realized that, yes, food is incredibly social, but it doesn't mean I have to partake to be present and active in the conversations. My friends were amazingly gracious with me as everyone understood what I was doing and why I was doing it, so it was a really great occasion all around. Happy housewarming, Bret & Shrie! You have such a beautiful home! And happy victory to me!

Speaking of social, just today at the gym, I made a new friend! I wanted to challenge myself to run 20 minutes at 4.5 speed on the treadmill because I've never gone that fast for that long. I did it, for the most part! I had to back down when I got some cramps around 10 minutes, but I was back up there within the next 4 minutes and I finished strong. It felt great! What felt better, though, was how the sweet lady 2 machines away stopped me as I was cleaning the machine to tell me that my workout motivated her to work harder. It really goes to show that you never know who is watching and how you can make a positive impact on their life! We are gonna have gym lady dates in the future, which I've had lately with some great friends of mine. Shout out to Gina, Liz, and Sunny for being great gym dates this past week!

So, what does this have to do with perspective? Everything! I decided to challenge myself with a 60 day juice fast and to work out every single day because those are things I've never done before, nor have I had any positive feelings about doing those things. They are working for me now because all I had to do was change my perspective, commit to it, and see the positive results. I've made some other changes in my life that deal with perspective as well, and I've already seen some great outcomes from just giving things a chance, mainly just giving myself a chance.

Happy Sunday! <3.

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