Monday, January 16, 2012

Big word, big responsibility

So, I may have commitment issues. I'm sure this comes as no surprise to people who know me. I like to try new things, see how I like them, and then I discover newer things and start the same process over again. Routine is not something I've ever admired. I adore change. I'm Sagittarius, what can I say? Free-spirited. Exploratory. Open minded. Needless to say, commitment is one of the scariest words ever uttered.

It took a while for me to fully commit to and assume the responsibility of my business, but as a natural entrepreneur, it didn't take too much. I have found that I may over-commit to my business, allowing my health and relationships to fall by the way side and ultimately, creating a pretty major imbalance. It's pretty obvious how my commitment issues are affecting my life, namely my health.

And then my roommate and I adopted a puppy- a living, breathing, super adorable puppy named Fitzgerald, who now simultaneously scratches at the door of her kennel and at the door of my once unchained heart. That's a huge commitment, literally barking at my face. It is terrifying. BUT! It's a great thing.

Fitzgerald is a puppy, as you know, and puppies need training. This training process isn't just for her, but it's for me, too. There is a schedule involved. Repetition is an important tool. As she adjusts to what to do, what not to do, when and where to do what, etc., I'm also adjusting to being one of the providers for her new lifestyle of being our puppy. This process is making me see the importance of schedules and routines and the roles they play in a healthy, happy lifestyle for myself. Discipline, discernment, and guidance are 3 things I'm learning to administer and obtain at the same time. We've had her less than a week, but I definitely feel as though I've grown as a human just as she has grown as a puppy. (She's the most adorable thing ever, by the way. Check up on her at her very own tumblr.)

There will be many adventures as I reflect on this creature's co-dependence on my life. I feel like a parent in a way, which I'm sure is still pretty far off from real parenting with real kids. After all, I am still a real person with a real puppy! Stay tuned for some pretty adorable madness.

(I love this dog so, so much, you guys. Seriously.)

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