Saturday, August 15, 2009

Well, at least I am going to use this. . .

I'm re-claiming this blog to help me start a healthier lifestyle.

Recently, I started going back to the doctor. I could go into all of that and the amazing amount of blood and urine that has been collected from me in the last couple of weeks, but I'll spare anymore details. I went into the situation saying, "I don't take medication because I came to you looking for a different solution than medication."

Then, a few weeks later, she put me on Glucophage.

Really? Whatever. I'm taking it as I should and it has made me a little sick, but I guess that is one of the things that must be endured in order to get better. I'm not so sure, but I'll do what it takes. I'll give anything to avoid the situation my grandmother is experiencing (see: slowly dying) and my mother's health issues as well (see: cancer survivor, many problems with insulin resistance and the body in general). I guess I just need to get more serious about watching what I eat.

So, here I go - again. But at least I get to say again because a lot of people just stop altogether. Not this guy. (Girl. . . whatever.)

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